• A futuristic 4-seat sportscar with stealthy power and timeless grace
  • French manufacturer Exagon Motors adds individual automotive engineering and design verve to the Capital’s summer party
  • French style, European know-how and revolutionary ambition 

Cutting-edge technology and French haute couture combine with ease at Salute to Style, which welcomes French manufacturer Exagon Motors’ powerful electric sportscar Furtive-eGT on The Hurlingham Club’s famous lawns on 16-19 July.

The Furtive-eGT’s bespoke running gear, developed by Exagon in cooperation with SAFT (who provides the latest generation Li-ion batteries) and Michelin (axles and tyres), is married to two purpose-built Siemens electric motors powering the first monocoque light carbon four-seat body in the world.

In line with the spirit of Salute to Style, this Grand Tourer represents the most advanced stage in the evolution of super sportscars with its revolutionary electric drivetrain, yet encapsulates the finest classic lines in automotive design and history.

Premium, advanced materials based on Formula One technology have been used to develop a sportscar with a main carbon-fibre/honeycomb tub and a cast aluminum rear structure; the entire body only weighs 124 kg, giving, as a result, an exceptional weight/stiffness ratio.

Power comes from two Siemens-sourced, bespoke electric motors, each giving out over 400 bhp. The Furtive-eGT’s accelerator pedal response time is one-tenth of a second, and the car hits 62mph in just 3.5 seconds.

Harking back to a practice popular in pre-war car manufacturing, and as it is expected from a made-to-order supercar already unusual in its power delivery and performance, the Furtive-eGT is the object of a fine-tuned customisation programme: “We have the same approach as jewel-makers to high-end manufacturing and bespoke craftsmanship,” explains Luc Marchetti, founder of Exagon Motors. “France has a unique focus on virtuosity and creativity when producing works of art. Every Furtive-eGT made so far has been created specially for its owner, and leading designers have penned each one according to the individual’s interpretation.”

Michael Scott, who, in partnership with The Hurlingham Club, is Salute to Style’s organiser, adds: “It is the perfect car to showcase at Salute to Style, an event organised for the sole purpose of celebrating elegance and human endeavour through the decades. Here is a car which does not need to shout in order to be heard.”

There has been an international waiting list for the Furtive-eGT since orders were open at its launch in Paris.

Heralded by a 1960s-themed Bastille Day Ball on Wednesday 16 July, Salute to Style takes place over three days (17-19 July), offering visitors a display of private collections, art and luxury goods galleries, and a French Market with food, drinks and fashionable pastimes.

Visit for more information and ticket sales.

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