• 11c84a66-1737-4083-8611-7d9b4a8c2c1e“Safety and Mobility for All,” an educational game designed to heighten the awareness of children ages seven to twelve to road safety and sustainable mobility is now available in a digital version.
  • This initiative will help achieve the United Nations’ objective of cutting the number of road fatalities in half by 2020.

The “Safety and mobility for all” program has been expanded this year with a new educational section: a serious game for children ages seven to twelve years. It is designed to be played at home with the family as well as in the classroom or in extracurricular activities as part of educational programmes on the themes of road safety and environmental protection.

Léa and Jules, the two characters who participate in the big transport contest organised by their school, have three assignments. They must organise –

  • daily trips, such as those between home and school;
  • occasional trips in small groups, to go the country, for example; and
  • special trips in a larger group, like a class trip at the end of the school year.

Through role-playing exercises, children learn to travel about safely and get an introduction to the driving code (recognising the shapes and colors of signs, understanding lanes and the direction of traffic, taking into account weather conditions, etc.).

With “Safety and Mobility for All,” players must rely on their capacity for observation, their critical faculties, and their team spirit. They also discover various aspects of sustainable mobility such as the use of soft transport, car-pooling, electric vehicles, renewable energies, and recycling of materials.

Claire Martin, vice president, Corporate Social Responsibility, at Renault, says: “Our expanding population, increasing urbanisation and steadily growing automobile fleet contribute to a situation where the number of people injured and killed on the world’s roads continues to be much too high. Seventy percent of the 20 to 50 million annual victims are vulnerable road users, among them many children and teenagers. We therefore believe it is essential to continue our efforts to increase awareness of the risks on the roads. By developing an interactive game inspired by the Safety and Mobility for All programme, Renault is counting on new technologies and fun approaches to reach large numbers of young people so they can play an active role in their own safety.”

Safety and Mobility for All,” developed exclusively for Renault by Terra Project1, is free and available onhttp://www.safety-mobility-for-all-the-game.com in English, on http://www.securite-mobilite-pour-tous-le-jeu.com in French, and soon in Spanish, in versions for PC, Mac, touchscreen tablets and smartphones (iOS and Android).

Children, parents and teachers can also discover an extract of the game on YouTube:http://youtu.be/m20dUarjlsA

“Safety and Mobility for All,” a leading programme in countries around the world for 14 years

Begun in 2000, the worldwide “Safety and Mobility for All” programme is the most extensive campaign to raise road safety awareness ever conducted by an automobile manufacturer.

  • Since autumn 2011, environmental awareness has also been included in the programme.
  • More than 13 million high school and middle school students have already participated.
  • Approximately 730,000 teaching aids have been distributed in primary schools, not counting downloads on http://www.securite-mobilite-pour-tous.com or the Renault websites in each participating country. Since 2013, an interactive app for tablets has also been available for primary school students.
  • 35 countries where the Group has sales subsidiaries or importers participate or have participated in the programme.
  • Some countries are organising local “Your Ideas, Your Initiatives” contests, mainly for primary school classes.
  • Rounding out the programme, an international contest is held for 15-to-17-year-olds in more than 20 countries to honor middle-school and high-school students who have developed and carried out original initiatives to promote road safety and sustainable mobility in their city or neighborhood, or nationwide in their country.

“Your Ideas, Your Initiatives”: the 2013-2014 final

The final of the 2013-2014 “Your Ideas, Your Initiatives” contest in the Safety and Mobility for All programme was held on June 10. The international jury evaluated projects submitted by 5,436 students in 63 schools in 23 countries.

The top three prizes were awarded to schools on three continents:Notre Dame de Grâce  (Brazil),Shaheed Rajpal DAV (India), and Nesho Bonchev (Bulgaria).

Once again, students showed energy, creativity and determination.

All the winners received an iPad or a digital camera. The finalists were given the resources to carry out their projects or to invest in new initiatives that contribute to Safety and Mobility for All.

“Your Ideas, Your Initiatives” on: https://www.facebook.com/Yourinitiatives/timeline

1 Terra Project

A communications agency and publisher specialised in awareness-raising and educational materials focused on sustainable development, Terra Project has developed unique expertise in the production of films, video games, websites and interactive programs for schools, young children, teenagers and families.

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