• c2f02fe2-d806-4b19-a37b-c66fe95bf787 Strong early support from a number of the UK’s leading car clubs for the new Club Trophy Award at the 2014 Concours of Elegance at Hampton Court Palace
  • The Club Trophy will acknowledge the ‘Best of the Best’ car club concours winners
  • The new Club Trophy to be supported by AIG’s Private Client Group, with judging to be coordinated by the Royal Automobile Club
  • Club Trophy judging panel to include a number of famous faces
  • The 2014 Club Trophy winner will be one of the 60 cars selected for the 2015 Concours of Elegance line-up at a British Royal Palace location

f50eca5b-3658-4796-baba-8b3feabb019dA number of the UK’s leading and most prestigious car clubs have now signed-up to support the innovative Club Trophy award initiative, announced by the Concours of Elegance organisers earlier this year, and set to be held within the stunning Fountain Garden grounds of Hampton Court Palace from 5 to 7 September 2014.

For the first time, a Club Trophy will be presented to the very best car to have won its own car club concours event earlier this summer, in recognition of the spirit and dedication of Car Club owners, and their support of the grass roots concours movement in the UK.

Each of the major prestige car clubs in the UK have now been invited to send the winning cars from their own car clubs’ concours events along to Hampton Court Palace in September, with a number of prestigious clubs already accepting this invitation.  To date these include the Bentley Drivers Club, Aston Martin Owners Club, Rolls-Royce Enthusiasts Club, Ferrari Owners Club, Bristol Owners Club, The Royal Automobile Club, Jaguar Drivers’ Club, Maserati Club, AC Owners Club, Lamborghini Owners Club, Jensen Owners Club and the Gordon Keeble Owners Club.

The Car Club cars will be judged for the coveted Club Trophy 2014 on Saturday 6 September by a panel of celebrities and famous faces.  Fittingly, the Royal Automobile Club will be coordinating the judging for this new prestigious prize, with the Private Client Group of leading insurers AIG also supporting the Club Trophy.

Ultimately the Club Trophy 2014 will be presented to the overall ‘Best of the Best’ club concours car. In addition to being awarded the coveted Club Trophy, the overall winner will also automatically be one of the 60 cars to be entered into the line-up for the 2015 Concours of Elegance event, to be held at an as-yet unspecified British Royal Palace.

More than 700 top cars from each of the major British car clubs will be displayed within the picturesque grounds of Hampton Court Palace on Saturday 6 and Sunday 7 September, including a number of each club’s concours-winning vehicles.  These cars will be displayed within a dedicated area, adjacent to the Concours in the spectacular Fountain Garden grounds of Hampton Court Palace. All the car club members will be invited to attend to the Concours of Elegance with their cars on ‘Club Day’ Saturday 6 September, to support their club and witness the Club Trophy competition.

The 2014 Concours of Elegance at Hampton Court Palace will be open to the public on Saturday 6 September and Sunday 7 September, with adult entry tickets, and hospitality, available to purchase strictly in advance from £25 per person, per day.   Advance tickets can purchased at the Concours of Elegance website (www.concoursofelegance.co.uk).

Car clubs wishing to submit a member’s concours winning car for consideration should also make contact with the Concours of Elegance through Iain Campbell at iain@thoroughevents.co.uk, or via the website, as above.

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About the Concours of Elegance:

Established in 2012, the inaugural Concours of Elegance was held within the private grounds of Windsor Castle to mark the diamond jubilee of Her Majesty the Queen’s reign.  Organised by Thorough Events, the first Concours of Elegance set a new global benchmark for a classic car concours; winning prestigious awards in the process; unheard of for a ‘start-up’ event in its first year.  The second Concours of Elegance was held in 2013 to equal fanfare and acclaim at the historic Royal Palace of St James in London.  Only the highest caliber of cars are invited to the Concours of Elegance, event, with the rarest cars in the world, from all over the world, painstakingly selected by the Concours Steering Committee; a respected team of authoritative historic car experts.  A key objective of the annual Concours of Elegance is to raise significant sums for charity, with the 2013 event at St James’s Palace generating in excess of £250,000.

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