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Horch Motorcars Image Gallery (1920-1939)

Classics of the 1920s - the Horch 350 with its elegantly simple design

A glimpse inside an early Horch interior

Built between 1925 and 1939, the Horch 853 A, Horch 930 V, Horch 850 Pullman Cabrio, Horch 305 Landaulet, Horch 375 Pullman, Horch 851 Pullman and Horch 670 Sport Cabriolet. the Type A (1934), Type C (1936) and Type D (1938).

Horch 830 - The first Horch with a V8 engine reached the market, 70 horsepower

In 1933, when Auto Union introduced the first Horch with a V8 engine, it reflected know-how from the USA. But the company developed this V8 according to its own principles: one that we would today regard as a high-performance engine with the appropriate sound, although the company's motives were in fact different. Horch, the epitome of luxury car design between the wars, wanted to save space in the engine compartment and cut costs. Since 1927 it had built only cars with straight-eight engines.

The new Horch 830 exhibited in Berlin had a three-litre engine and was immediately dubbed the "small Horch". The model designation, 830, indicated the number of cylinders and the displacement. This second model line rounded off the lower end of the Horch product catalogue.

Horch 853 Sport Cabriolet, 5 l, 8 cylinder (inline), 120 hp

In 1935 the Horch 853 rolled onto the street for the first time, marking a high point in the tradition of sports convertibles.

Horch 853 Sport Cabriolet - polished wood and gleaming metal

Horch 853 Sport Cabriolet - rear bench with leather upholstery

Horch 853 Sport Cabriolet


Horch - the final bloom of the classic pre-war design, perfectly interpreted in the exclusive 855 Spezial Roadster.

Horch - Bernd Rosemeyer and his 1937 853 Coupé

Horch 830 BL, Pullman saloon, 3.5 l, 8 cylinder (V-engine), 82 hp
Horch 830 BL, both built in 1939.

Horch 830 BL Sedan-Cabriolet with V-8-Motor

Horch Type 930 V, 1938 with 3.8 litre V8-cylinder engine, 92 hp

Streamline - the Horch 930 S was conceived as a luxury touring car

The streamlined Horch 930 S of 1939 can be regarded as the ultimate Horch V8 development up to the outbreak of the Second World War. Only two of these luxury cars were built, with an aerodynamic body that was well ahead of its time. The war prevented it from going into series production.

including reclining seats

including a fold-out wash basin

Horch 930 S

Horch Type 853 A,1939 with 5.0 litre 8-cylinder engine

A filling station on the German "autobahn" at the end of the Thirties: A Horch 853 Sport-Cabriolet (1935 - 1940) is having its tank filled with the petrol (gasoline) and benzene mixture that was in use at that time

Horch - the V12 engine generating 120 hp

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