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1912 Chevrolet Classic Six

The Classic Six was the first car to bear the Chevrolet name after William Durant and Louis Chevrolet came together to found a company building cars using the famous Swiss race driver's last name. It was a large, luxurious and powerful machine, boasting the biggest capacity engine of any Chevrolet up until the 'big-block' V8 era of 1958. The imposing vehicle carried a price tag of $2150, which made it much more expensive than most of its contemporaries. Very much Louis Chevrolet's dream car, it was designed in collaboration with his friend, the French engineer Etienne Planche. Unveiled in 1911, it was launched in 1912, but lasted only until 1914 after the company's focus shifted towards more affordable machines, something that prompted Louis Chevrolet to resign as he disagreed with Durant's policy. A total of 5,987 were constructed. "This was the first Chevrolet, so it's very significant," says Ed of the Classic Six. "Louis Chevrolet used all his experience and background to create it and make history."

The first Chevrolet "Classic Six", in 1911 in front of the Chevrolet Motor Car Company factory in Detroit

One year after the Chevrolet Motor Car Company was established, the first car to bear Chevrolet's nameóa thoroughly contemporary, powerful and luxurious carórolled out of a pilot factory in Detroit. This $2,100 Chevrolet was introduced as the Type C Six for 1913.

Louis Chevrolet at the wheel of his prototype for the 1912 Chevrolet Series C Classic Six


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