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Aston Martin Lagonda Limited

Aston-Martin-logo-2The first Aston Martins were created with a distinctive and individual character, handcrafted to the highest of standards, and capable of exceeding all performance expectations. Over the decades, the marque has stayed true to the values of Power, Beauty and Soul, creating some of the most iconic British sports cars of the post-war era.

Aston Martin have been independently owned since 2007 by a consortium of two major investment houses: Investment Dar & Adeem Investment based in Kuwait. The Aston Martin business is led by CEO, Dr. Ulrich Bez. Aston Martin has a fast-expanding dealership network of 126 dealers representing in 27 countries.

Aston Martin Lagonda Limited


Aston Martin Lagonda Limited
Banbury Road,
Warwickshire, CV35 0DB

10 things you didn't know about Aston Martin

  1. There have been 10 different versions of the iconic Aston Martin badge. The current version was introduced in 2003
  2. The Aston Martin wings badge has its origins in ancient Egypt – derived from the open wings of the scarab beetle
  3. In 100 years Aston Martin has produced just over 60,000 sports cars
  4. It is accurately estimated that more than 90% of all Aston Martins built are still in existence
  5. Aston Martin has manufactured cars from seven locations in the past 100 years
  6. Aston Martin's global HQ at Gaydon, the company's first purpose-built home, celebrates its tenth anniversary in 2013
  7. The Aston Martin Owners Club was founded in 1935 at The Grafton Hotel, London
  8. The One-77 hypercar is Aston Martin's most exclusive, powerful and expensive production model to date
  9. It took 2,700 man hours to produce each One-77
  10. The painting process for the current Aston Martin range takes between 50 and 70 hours per car