• approximately 40 miles on a full charge

Moke America has reengineered the entire car, while keeping Moke’s classic design and spirit alive. They made the car bigger, wider and stronger, The Moke has 4 seats and seats 4 people. The car is 2,300 pounds and is the heaviest Moke ever built. It feels sturdier than the old Mokes. Moke America raised the wheel from a 13-inch wheel to a 14-inch wheel, so it’s taller and redesigned the windshield so the glass is larger, stands across farther and is higher. Moke America implemented a five step E-Dip process to control the quality of the paint and undercarriage rust proofing to prevent corrosion. With a top speed of 25 mph and a new contemporary look, the eMoke looks to modernize the classic version first envisioned by the British in the 1960’s.

Most importantly, the carmaker wanted the Moke to be green. There’s an electric revolution in Europe, and countries like the Netherlands are going to have entirely electric cars by 2024. It was obvious that this endeavor had to be electric.

The old Mokes had engines that were very noisy. With the Electric Moke, it’s silent when you drive. You can charge it with a 110-outlet. It plugs into any household outlet. Eight hours gets a full charge, and a full charge can get you almost forty miles of drive time. The Electric Moke uses maintenace-free gel batteries.

The price point is reasonable at $15,975.00 U.S. with a few options offers with upgrade sound and assortment of tops. It’s what a electric car should cost. Moke America is a neighborhood electric vehicle. It’s a car that’s driven around town to visit friends, the beach, the supermarket.

The biggest components of the Moke are made in America, including the glass, seat belts, tires and batteries. All ten batteries are made in America. The product is assembled here on American soil. If you have a problem with the batteries, we have them right here on the shelf.

8 colors are offered, Black, White, Red, Orange, Blue, Green, Pink and Yellow, also have a special Camouflage edition. It’s easy to use, easy to wash. The whole car can be hosed down, inside and out. Moke offer a Bimini top so you’re half outdoors, half indoors. The look and design is better than the original because it is longer, wider and closer to an American car.

It takes 90 days from the day you customize and order your car (with deposit) to delivery. During this time, you will receive regular progress reports as your car is being built. A one-year, bumper-to-bumper warranty is available.

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