In compliance with the law, Mazda works hard to ensure that every gasoline and diesel engine it makes fully complies with the regulations of the countries in which they are sold. Mazda never uses illegal software or defeat devices. Mazda’s customers may rest assured that their vehicles are fully compliant with all regulations.

Now and into the future, Mazda remains committed to improving fuel efficiency  and reducing CO2, as well as making exhaust emissions as clean as possible, while continuing to offer driving pleasure. Mazda will continue developing new technologies and working towards achieving “ideal combustion” in the internal combustion engine.

A number of countries around the world are investigating new homologation testing methods based on real driving conditions, such as Worldwide harmonized Light-duty Test Cycles and Real Driving Emissions. Mazda supports these initiatives and will cooperate with any requests from authorities.


* Note regarding the term “defeat device”

This illegal software program detects that the vehicle is being tested and controls exhaust emissions in order to meet regulations. However, the control program changes and the exhaust emission reduction effect is reduced during normal driving.

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