• 2013 Renault Group sales total of 76,414 achieved in under nine months in 2014
  • Renault Group set to nearly double 2012 sales in 2014
  • Renault Group growth has outpaced market growth for sixteen consecutive months
  • Renault is the fastest growing brand in the UK in terms of volume
  • Dacia is the fifth fastest growing brand in the UK in terms of volume

The Renault Group has surpassed its 2013 full-year sales total of 76,414 more than three months ahead of last year, in a period of unprecedented outpacing-the-market growth.

The Renault Group, comprised of the Renault, Renault Vans and Dacia brands, recorded its 16th consecutive month of growing faster than the market in August and is on course to nearly double the total 2012 Group sales volume of 55,685 units by the end of this year.

The 2013-surpassing figure of 77,297 registrations was achieved on Friday 26th September with 47,154 Renaults, 12,767 Renault Vans and 17,376 Dacias.  Year-to-date Renault cars are up 61 per cent, Renault Vans up 57 per cent and Dacia is up 59 per cent – all ahead of the market growth of 10 per cent.

The Renault Group is the fastest growing franchise in terms of volume in 2014 – Renault cars being the fastest and Dacia closely following in fifth.  Renault’s B-segment range, comprising of Clio, Captur and ZOE has been the fastest growing in the market since September 2013.  The Captur is second in the increasingly popular B-segment SUV category.

Total Group sales, as at the end of August, stood at a year-on-year increase of 63.2 per cent year-to-date with 63,717 total cumulative vehicles delivered across the Renault car, van and Dacia ranges with all three areas posting significant sales increases.  Renault Group market share stands at 3.7 per cent year-to-date – up 1.2 percentage points on 2013. The Renault Group is placed seventh in the retail car market year-to-date; up from 10th in 2013 and up from 17th in 2012.

Commenting on the performance, Ken Ramirez, Managing Director, Renault UK Ltd, said: “The outstanding Group growth results, fuelled by the success of the new Clio and Captur crossover for Renault and the clear value of the Dacia line-up, definitively signal the confidence in the franchise’s sustainable growth plan.  These figures reflect the concerted strategy across the brands and our dealer network, aligned under our GO5+ mid-term-plan objectives.

“With fantastic new products like the recently-launched All-New Renault Trafic and All-New Renault Twingo – totalling nine new models launched in less than two years, of which six are completely new badges in the market including four in our new brand Dacia – we’re confident the Renault Group will continue its sustainable growth in the coming months and years, consistent with our GO5+ mid-term-plan ambition” added Ramirez.

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